Water For Your Soul

Water For Your Soul

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2011-08-01 02:00 PM

Chatting With Joss Stone

"I just want to make people feel something. Anything is good, as long as you feel something. I would be so gutted to hear that people heard my records and were just like, "Yeah, it's whatever." Hate it or love it. I don't want you to be like, "It's whatever." I want something, you know! (laughs) I want something emotional to happen."
2011-07-31 02:00 PM

Joss Stone: First Thought, Best Thought

At 13, Joss Stone already sounded like a veteran soul singer. Now 24, Stone actually is a veteran of the music business — and for the first time, she's taken control of her sound.
2011-07-25 02:10 PM

[Review] Joss Stone: LP1

In a world where machined dance fodder, rap-deckled pop and lumbering rawk dominates, a genuine article of soul music—especially one where the thick bass, tumbling Wurlitzer and bright guitars set the tone—is a joyous noise, indeed.

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Joss Stone

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