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2012-06-02 11:50 AM

Joss Stone Announces 'Soul Sessions Volume 2'

Grammy award winner Joss Stone's 'Stone'd Records' label has joined forces with the label that first signed her, S-Curve Records, for the long-awaited follow up to Stone's massive 5 million selling debut 2003 album "The Soul Sessions". Entitled "The Soul Sessions Volume 2," the album will be released on July 31st and will be a joint release between Joss Stone's Stone'd Records label and S-Curve Records.
2011-09-29 01:40 PM

Pay No Mind to the Big Names

You'd think the members of SuperHeavy—Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and A.R. Rahman—would have enough experience in the recording studio to make cutting a new album a breeze. "I think we realized on the first day that this is the oddest situation we've ever been in," Mr. Stewart said at his Hollywood office.
2011-08-01 02:00 PM

Chatting With Joss Stone

"I just want to make people feel something. Anything is good, as long as you feel something. I would be so gutted to hear that people heard my records and were just like, "Yeah, it's whatever." Hate it or love it. I don't want you to be like, "It's whatever." I want something, you know! (laughs) I want something emotional to happen."
2011-07-31 02:00 PM

Joss Stone: First Thought, Best Thought

At 13, Joss Stone already sounded like a veteran soul singer. Now 24, Stone actually is a veteran of the music business — and for the first time, she's taken control of her sound.
2011-07-25 02:10 PM

[Review] Joss Stone: LP1

In a world where machined dance fodder, rap-deckled pop and lumbering rawk dominates, a genuine article of soul music—especially one where the thick bass, tumbling Wurlitzer and bright guitars set the tone—is a joyous noise, indeed.
2011-05-20 02:30 PM

Mick Jagger Forms Supergroup with Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and Damian

For the first time since the Rolling Stones formed nearly 50 years ago, Mick Jagger is part of a new band: Super Heavy – featuring Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and Indian film composer A.R. Rahman. The band has quietly been recording together over the past 18 months, with their debut LP planned for sometime around September. "It's different from anything else I've ever been involved in," Jagger tells Rolling Stone. "The music is very wide-ranging – from reggae to ballads to Indian songs in Urdu."

2011-02-13 03:05 PM

Billboard Names Joss Stone & Melissa Etheridge One of the Top 10 Gramm

Melissa Etheridge and Joss Stone may seem like an unlikely pairing, but when you throw Janis Joplin into the equation, it makes perfect sense. Both songstresses possess their own unpolished soulfulness and rock stylings, which proved to be a powerful match in a tribute to Joplin at the 2005 Grammys.
2011-02-06 03:10 PM

Joss Stone Goes Nude For PETA - Picture

The singer, who's taking a year out of music, is campaigning against the slaughter of Canadian black bears to make the tall fur caps worn by Queen's Guard soldiers. She tells me: "I have teamed up with Peta for a new Bear Hugs, Not Bear Caps campaign to put a stop to the slaughter."
2011-02-05 03:20 PM

Stone on European Road Trip

Soul singer Joss Stone has hit the road with her pet dogs to embark on an impromptu trip across Europe. The star recently packed up her Rottweiler Missy and poodle Dusty and drove to Spain, and admits she's enjoyed herself so much, she plans to extend her adventure.
2011-01-28 03:20 PM

Grammy-Award Winning Performer Joss Stone Launches New Label

Multiplatinum-selling soul singer/songwriter Joss Stone proudly announced today the formation of Stone'd Records, a new music company based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Stone'd Records inaugural roster will include Joss Stone as well as ska/rock band Yes Sir Boss. Stone also announced longtime music executive Brian Nelson has been appointed General Manager of Stone’d Records.

Joss Stone's 'Power to the People': Exclusive First Listen

Joss Stone will return with "The Soul Sessions Volume 2," marking a decade since the singer made her 2003 debut with the first volume. The sequel will land July 31 on S-Curve Records and Stone's own Stone'd Records, and will include covers ranging from "(For God's Sake) Give More Power to the People," "The Love We Had (Stays on My Mind)" and "Pillow Talk," previously performed by the Chi-Lites, the Dells and Sylvia, respectively.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Joss Stone

Adorable, sweet, and soulful, Joss talked about the making of her new album, collaborating with one half of the Eurythmics, Dave Stewart, and having the time of her life while recording in Nashville, TN.
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